Internet Filtering Database, Technology, and Services for Software, Hardware, and Service Manufacturers, Vendors, and Providers

BluePrint Data offers a multitude of options to integrate our technologies and systems. From branded complete turnkey solutions to integration tools and easy to integrate implementations to easily add integrate Internet Filtering and security into your offerings.

Technical Solutions for Implementation or Integration of Internet Filtering or Parental Controls into Your Product Offerings.

We provide complete brandable turn key systems, API's, SDK's, Remote Calls (SOAP, etc.), hosted systems, software integration options and more. Our goal is to make the implementation as easy for your company as possible. That is why we have developed tools to enable easy and successful implementations no matter how complicated the system. We value and support our customers and work closely with your team to ensure a successful implementation. Please contact us for additional details.

BluePrint Data Completes 100% of Web Site Reviews for its OEM Internet Filtering Products With Multiple Human Reviewers. People NOT Bots for Extreme High Quality Internet Filtering.

BluePrint Data completes Web site / URL Reviews by having multiple reviewers ensure the categories match prior to the information being added to the master URL Review database. For example, reviewer A receives the URL and categorizes it as "Nudity", independently reviewer B receives the same URL and reviews it as "Nudity" so the URL is added to the master URL Review database. If, for example, reviewer B categorized the URL content as "Intimate Apparel / Swimsuits", the URL is then independently provided to a third reviewer, reviewer C, for categorization.